Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sunshine on a Blizzardy Day! ☀

It's FREEZING & BLIZZARDY & every kid in the state is home for the 'snow-day'. Since we're locked in the house [*sidenote...C has had school 1 day out of the last 17!!!] and I have four fighting, crying, whining kiddos here....I'm just dreaming of being in Jamaica again! Peace and relaxation! :)

For those of you who don't know...we went to Negril, Jamaica in October and stayed at an amazing resort [Couples Swept Away]. It is a perfect getaway location for you and your spouse [18+ and couples only].

OHH...and good news [for me anyways!]......

My husband called me yesterday and said not to worry because he's planning our first anniversary trip on his own and I wont be upset! He asked if there was anywhere 'out of bounds'...this is a good thing right?! I was quite excited to hear that I won't have to pan the next trip...i'm planned out after the wedding! ☀



  1. Sounds exciting! It's always good when the husband takes the initiative to do something on his own. ;)

  2. i was all smiles...thanks for always taking the time to check this out!


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