Monday, January 4, 2010

Not Me Monday...

Here is my first attempt at a not-me-monday! Now...lets see if i can figure out how to 'link' it!

...I did not decide to try a not me monday as a desperate attempt to get people to see my new blog site!

...I did not read the book 'the rough guide to blogging' before i decided to start a blog of my own...nope, not me...that would be something only a control freak would think of doing!

...I did not workout 2 times today just to come home and eat a GIANT piece of 'better than sex cake' before dinner... especially when i just set my new years resolutions this week!

and drumroll please...

...I did not get drunk in front of my mother-in-law while my husbands band played on new years eve...and it most certainly did
take me 3 days to recover from my lack of sleep...heck no...not this 23 year old!



  1. Yay for a new blog! =) And . . . mmm . . . Better than Sex cake. Somethings are just worth breaking those resolutions over!

  2. Welcome, newbie. That was me about 2 weeks ago, look out, it's addicting.

    I must say, your not me monday are more entertaining than most.

    Do you have a blogfrog account, I'll join your community if you give me the linky lou.

    Have Fun!

  3. Oh, I just noticed your Jamaica picture. How was it? We are wanting to go somewhere this year, and that is on the list of possibilities, would you recommend it?


  4. oh my drea...i have no idea! i think i do... but I don't know what it is. is it common to be this lost? :) would it be murdocksmama?

    oh jamaica...AMAZING! we stayed at Couples Swept Away [adults & couples only] in Negril, Jamaica. we actually got married there. the staff is the phenomenal...we knew over 50% of them on a first name basis by the time we flew out. email me for specifics []

    thanks for checking out my's SAD how excited i was to see a comment! :)


  5. What a cute blog! I love it and, I know I'm a geek, I LOVE the font!

    I loved your first not me monday and look forward to reading more. You have a fun sense of humor...

  6. your not me was actually interesting. Sort of why I don't do them over here. There is not a whole lot of stuff that goes wrong on Monday. Now Tuesday is whole new thing.
    happy Blogging!!


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