Tuesday, January 19, 2010

2 Things I Love...Around my Home

it's tuesday...

which means another round of two things i love... around my home!

all you have to do is find two things in your home that you are lovin and/or appreciating this week

then write a post about it with a link back to BacWoods Fern, and link up to the mcklinky

sound fun?

hope so!

here are my two things i love this week...

First...These gorgeous bowls from CB2 that I got from a dear friend as a wedding gift. I LOVE these because they sit tilted [well and because they are silver and oh so cute anyways!]

And of course...I love my wine! I won this modern bottle holder from a Christmas exchange...LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I found a guy who makes them I give them as gifts now! :)

If you want to share the two things you're loving in your home, link up! We got 8 people last week...can we get a dozen tonight?!


  1. yes! so glad you played along! thank you.
    and how cute are you saying 'we got 8 people last week... can we get a dozen tonight?!' i LOVE it!

    okay, before i read about your two things i just saw the picture of candy and thought it was awesome you posted about reeses peanut butter cups! haha

    the bowls are fun and so is the wine holder - cute that your two things tilt... :-)

    thanks for linking up!

  2. ummm, i think my favorite part are the reeses! :) nevermind the bowl! although, it is lovely, too. peanut butter cups are divine.

    tiny twig

  3. Those bowls ARE gorgeous!!!! I have stainless appliances and I would have to say that those bowls would be really cute in my kitchen!

  4. Thanks for all the nice comments...we buy Reeses in bulk around here! Oh...and of course Snickers too! :)

  5. That wine bottle holder is so cool! I think I might need one :)

  6. isn't it fun..I just love it. let me know if you seriously want one...i'm not positive but i think it was under $15! thanks so much for your sweet comments. yes...i am a nanny to 4 but they aren't so little anymore! :( hopefully soon we'll get started on our own! :)


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