Tuesday, January 26, 2010

12.A Dozen.12.Twelve.12





That is a LOT!


Who doesn't love 12 of something right?!

12 Chocolates come in a box...


12 bottles of wine gives you 10% off...


But what is better than that?!


Getting 1...5...10 TWELVE [that's 12] followers!!!

Ya, Ya...I know...you all have like 1200 followers but I'm new to this and it means a lot to me!

So anyways...the whole point of this post was to say Thank You! Thank you so much for all of your comments and for choosing to follow my blog. If I am not a follower of your page yet leave me a comment so I can check it out!
Have a great week...& thanks again! You all rock!


  1. Hi! I have been lurking in your blog for long enough! When I saw you were at 12 I knew I was meant to be 13! Thirteen is very lucky for me, even though lots of people don't like that number. I got married on the 13th. I miss those nights you mention of curling up with hubby and the dog. Thirteen years later, we have 4 kids now and those nights are fewer than before. But we are still very very happy! Enjoy each other! You have nice blog here. :)

  2. YAY!!! I'm so happy you decided to become a 'follower'...can't we find a new word for that...I just hate the term follower! To funny because I love the number 13 too! Although I would love to start our family at any time...I am savoring this wonderful nights together. It seems so 'simple' right now! :) Again thanks so much! Abby

  3. I TOTALLY understand the excitment of new followers! I have 176 and it is NEVER enough and I get heartbroken when someone drops me. So CONGRATS!!!!


Thanks for taking the time to read some of our story & especially for commenting!

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