Thursday, March 30, 2017

Legoland | Kansas City

I had a work trip to Kansas City last week which offered a good amount of free time over the weekend and since it was only a few hours away, Adam brought the kids to hang out for the weekend.   Maybe we had too high of expectations for Legoland, but I was very underwhelmed considering the price tag.  We bought the combo tickets to go to SeaLife and Legoland the same day {so perhaps we were a little tired by the time we got to Legoland}.  We had to go to SeaLife first because the next opening at Legoland wasn't until 1:45p {which was fine}.  

We arrived at Legoland and waited 15-20 minutes to get inside {even with tickets}, then waited another 5-10 minutes after declining the family photo before we could get on the elevator.  After that, we waited 30+ minutes to get to the 'ride' which takes you to the actual Legoland area.  By this point we were all done!  We weren't prepared for that, so it was pretty disappointing!

The ride where you shoot the bad guys with laser guns.

From the first room where there were Lego replicas of all the Kansas City iconic spots.  The highlight of Legoland for me!

The large {foam/rubber} Legos were pretty fun too.

the highlight for the kids was the huge play area {Adam and I joked we could have taken them to a McDonalds with a play place!} ;)  There were a ton of kids, so I kept looking for them but at least there was only one in/out which was was by, so I knew they couldn't go far even if I didn't have my eyes on them 100% of the time. 

Lego skyline

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