Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Cullyn has so many clothes {I get hand-me-downs from a photography client} but Jordy girl's closet is always sparse.  So, before summer, I thought I would try out Kidpik, a subscription box for children.  I've seen all.the.boxes floating around the internet, but unlike most of them, this one is risk free since you don't loose a styling fee if you decide to return all of the items, plus free shipping both ways.  Like most, you make a profile and then they send you a monthly {you can select your frequency--4/yr, 8/yr, or 12/year} box of clothes. 

Jordyn was so excited to see the box come that she got off the trampoline to dig into it {that's a big deal at our house!} :)  She wanted to try everything on right away. :)  So, her thoughts and mine...

A colorful tank top, black workout leggings, & sparkly tennis shoes... 

Workout clothes are her favorite thing ever, so she wanted to keep everything.  

Ultimately I thought the tank top looked to baggy {mainly in the armpits} & the shoes looked like they would lose there sparkle in a week {we're hard on things in this house} so we returned them.

However, the black leggings fit really well {exact quality of my LuLuLemon ones!} and she actually needed a bigger pair, so we kept those. 

Next up was a neon pink hoodie.  It was actually cute. but again a little big.  Jordyn's reaction...'I really like the lace detail {!!!} but it's a little too big for me' {insert wide-eyed emoji here} #LittleDiva! 

So it was returned.

Next up was a cute little lemonade shirt...

It fit perfectly for summer, and would have been adorable for our annual lemonade stand day, but ultimately we both agreed that it wasn't a shirt we would wear enough to justify the price {like $17 if I remember right, but it was target quality}.  We tend to wear more 'simple' shirts around here. 

The pink sweatpants shorts {matched the zip up above} were way too big! :(

*They also sent a cheap, black headband {to thanks -- she never wears headbands!} and a cheesy necklace {free gift with her first box}.

In the end, we were happy with one nice piece.  In the future I hope to get more shirts for her since thats was she needs most, but either way it was a really fun experience and has to risk, so why not?!

*Not sponsored in any way!

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