Tuesday, March 21, 2017

KC Eats

Kansas City

I've spent the last 5 days in Kansas City for work.  Normally I feel so blessed to each time I get to travel for work, which admittedly isn't much, as it takes me to places I've not been before.  Unfortunately, with this position, I think I'll only be going to Kansas City, somewhere I've been before--not a ton, but a handful of times.  It's just 200 miles from home, a road trip as opposed to a plane ride.

As usual, when I set my exceptions low, I actually end up having a better time.  Normally, when I have a work trip, my mama travels with me as Adam doesn't take much time off work, but since this was so close to home, he brought the kids to see me over the weekend {when the conference offered downtime}.  Definitely a perk of being close.

My time away was the perfect mix for me.

Learning {the whole reason for the trip!}
Exploring w/ my family {Legoland Discovery CenterSeaLife Aquarium--our favoriteKaleidoscope, etc.}
Rest/Recharging {cards w/ Adam, reading, blogging, editing, listening to podcasts on the drive, etc.}
     Q39 - BBQ
     Johnson - Happy Hour
     SPIN! - Pizza & Gelato
     Fritz's - Railroad Restaurant {a little train delivers your food}
     Strouds - Fried Chicken {the Chicken Fried Chicken was ridiculous!}
     The Well - Brunch {a HUGE spread of food}
     Gram & Dun - Dinner {the parm fries & burnt end Mac & cheese were AMAZING!}
     Joe's BBQ - {inside a gas station}
     Pizza Bar - {$4 pizza by the slice}

And now I'm anxious to be back home, where I belong!

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