Thursday, November 17, 2016

Cubs | 2016

They finally did it!  Adam has watched {with the exception for a handful which weren't aired on our cable, and we had plans so he couldn't catch them at a bar} for as long as I can remember.  He watched it with his dad, and now watches it with our son.  It's so amazing.  I got to go with Adam to his first game at Wrigley field during a Chicago trip the summer of 2013 {Cullyn wasn't even 3 months old if I remember right}.  We went with my sisters and their now spouses.  We discussed going to a game with the kids this year, but couldn't find tickets that matched our schedule or our price range, I'm kicking myself now!  Regardless, I rarely wish we had more money, but I would have nearly given anything to see my father in law, husband, and son at the World Series game.  We had several friends that went and none of them could even discribe the experience.  We watched the world series games as a family, with friends at the house, after we tucked the kids into bed {early}, and even snuck down to Principal Park to watch a game on the jumbotron with my in-laws.  And there was the one night we listened to them for hours, well past midnight, on the AM radio on our way home South Carolina.  And while I don't pretent to be a die-hard Cubs fan, I listen to a lot of recorded games during late nights spent editing. It was a season I never want to forget.  Another local blogger recapped the game perfectly, so I won't even try to put it into my own words...
"The Chicago Cubs won their World Series in the final game 7 of a jaw-dropping, nail-biting roller coaster of a series, rallying after a 3-1 game deficit, and capped off with what has to go down as one of the most exciting game 7s in, well, history.  There was a hopeful 6-3 lead in the bottom of the eighth, which very quickly turned upside down when Cleveland scored a two-run homer and an additional run to tie the game.  Then, the rain started and of all things, a rain delay after the ninth inning, sending the players to the locker room to regroup and my husband to a near frenzy. :) After 17 minutes of tarps on the field, Zobrist knocked in what would be the winning run in the tenth, and at exactly 11:47 pm, Rizzo would flawlessly catch a throw from Bryant to snag the last out and earn the title of champion after 108 years of curses and heartbreaks and grueling waiting by so many loyal fans.  If they were going to take the cake, they were going to do in a way that would have us talking for years, or even a lifetime.  From Grandpa Rossy's homerun in his final game before retirement, Kyle Schwarber coming back and showing up big after literally not playing all season long, an infield made up pretty much entirely of rookies, and being one of the only teams in World Series history to win three in a row and take the title in game 7, it just seemed a little too good to be true.  Or maybe nothing short of destiny." 

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