Thursday, June 16, 2016

Last Weekend

I'm sure you all feel like all of my summer weekend recaps are the same, but this was an exceptional one!  We pretty much didn't leave the water all weekend!

On Thursday night we got to the lake and Adam and his dad worked on a couple projects {like getting the air going since it was 99+ without heat index all weekend} and my MIL and I make s'mores with the kids.  Except my kids are weird and J just wanted a plain marshmallow and C roasted one, but then decided he just wanted an uncooked s'more {seriously?!} #CrazyKids

Friday morning we got up and made breakfast.  Our friends joined us and then we took the kids to 'kids camp' for the day.  After dropping them off, we grabbed the Jeep and headed to the golf course.  We played golf {this is the first time I ever golfed 9 holes!}, enjoyed a kidfree lunch at the Marina, and then spent the rest of the afternoon boating {I skied for the first time since kids} and watching the sun set from the water. 


On Saturday and Sunday, we hit the water bright and early.   The kids spent many hours tubing and then the rest of the time playing on the lilypad and swimming around the dock.  We also took a family Jeep ride for the first time this year. 


  1. Replies
    1. YES...Please! And make sure to bring Alison & all your babies, too!!! ;)

  2. That slide is so neat! Is it yours?

    1. It's actually at 'nana's' house. {our friends, mom's house} :)


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