Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Jordyn's 1st Dance Recital

On Sunday, I watched Jordyn perform in her very first dance recital.  As a dancer of 15 years, I can't explain the emotions that flooded me!  Of course she was the most adorable dancer ;) but the entire recital {we only watched the first half because it didn't start until 6p} was top notch.  

She was so excited to dance on the big stage & didn't flinch a bit at the 2500+ seats in Stephen's Auditorium.  Her most favorite part was watching the big girls dance, and I can't say that I blame her.  The solos and competition dances were breathtaking--modern songs, amazing moves, unbelievable passion. It's bittersweet to dream of her up there performing as a teenager. 

She was so fortunate to have nearly 20 fans in the audience!

She loves her convertible tights & actually forgot to pull them down before her tap dance! ;)  
{I'm sure I was the only person that noticed, but I'll never forget it}

That technique ;)

Someone was so excited! 

Such a good little brother!  He sat through dress rehearsal & the recital without complaining!  {w/ the help of many snacks!}

A understand these photos are hard to see & I'm the only one that will recognize her, but I have to post them! ;)

4th from Right

3rd from Right

2nd from Right


  1. Absolutely precious! I cannot wait for this stage with Aurora.

    1. Thank you! It's so incredible...I'm excited for you! ;)


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