Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Memorial Weekend | 2016

1. I was a little 'photo'd out' until Monday which you'll see below. 2. I had 4 days of holiday themed outfits for the kids to wear, but they were in suits every day, so I don't have any cute photos to share! 3. I know Memorial Weekend is about much more than boating & bbq's, so thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all those that have sacrificed for us.  I know freedom doesn't come free.   

Adam worked Friday and I had a newborn photoshoot, so my MIL kept the kids.  After my shoot, I packed up and headed to the lake.  Jordyn's fever spiked again, so we stayed in for the night.

Saturday I shot a wedding in Dubuque, so Adam had the kids all day.  

Sunday is when Memorial weekend really started for us. We got up and headed to my SIL & BIL's house to hang out.  We fished, floated on rafts, paddleboarded, took naps in the sun, read in the hammock chair, road the 4-wheeler, took ranger rides, and the guys' smoked meet.  It was the perfect way to recover from a wedding! ;) After naps, we headed over to our friends' mom's back patio to let the kids run on the water mat while we watched everyone on the lake.  That evening we went to a different friend's house for dinner.  He made steaks on his egg and we watched the sun go down.  Jordyn attempted to spend the night, but just minute after I got home she had changed her mind. ;)

Monday was my favorite day of the weekend.  We all slept in a little and spent the morning lounging.  Our friends came over and the kids played in the sprinkler, at the water table, and on the trampoline while we enjoyed mimosa's and music on the deck.  My niece came to watch the four kids during nap time, so us four adults could spend the afternoon on the boat.  After naps we took the kids out until dinner time. We ended up spending the night and coming back to Des Moines on Tuesday morning.

Fancy Lunchable lunches for the kids ;)

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