Thursday, April 7, 2016


Last weekend, we had the opportunity to go see some {almost 6500!} little piglets.  While my kids have seen pigs before, this was the first time they got to play in the pen with them.  In full disclosure, it took Jordyn a long time to get brave enough to actually get in the pen #LikeMotherLikeDaughter.  However once she was in the pen, she was all about it!  My niece, Ava, even caught one ;)

I wasn't even all the way in the door and this boy was climbing in the pen!#NoFear
This boy was in.his.element!  Perhaps a future farmer?
Happily looking from the outside! {at first} ;)

My gorgeous niece with one of the pigs she caught

Someone climbed in the feeder *This is not advised! 

Hence the term 'pig-pile' ;)

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