Sunday, March 27, 2016

Weekly Workouts | March

I'm copying Leigh on this.  I'm hoping this makes me more accountable and also using this as a reference for myself.  Plus, I'm hoping this helps me add a little variety into my workouts... 

Monday, February 8
  • Energy | Group Class

Tuesday, February 9
  • Step | Group Class

Wednesday, February 10
  • rest

Thursday, February 11
  • TurboKick | Group Class

Friday, February 12
  • Energy | Group Class

Saturday, February 13
  • Nothing

Sunday, February 14
  • Nothing

The workouts I got in, were great...unfortunately, there weren't many.  And my food intake on Sunday was just brutal!  Turks & Caicos 3 weeks from today...I MUST get back on track!

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