Sunday, February 14, 2016

Weekly Workouts | February

I'm copying Leigh on this.  I'm hoping this makes me more accountable and also using this as a reference for myself.  Plus, I'm hoping this helps me add a little variety into my workouts... 

Monday, February 8
  • Energy | Group Class

Tuesday, February 9
  • Step | Group Class

Wednesday, February 10
  • 3 Mile Run

Thursday, February 11
  • 3.5 Mile Run

Friday, February 12
  • Energy | Group Class

Saturday, February 13
  • 2 Mile Treadmill Walk

Sunday, February 14
  • Shoveled more snow!

Tell me: How were your workouts last week?


  1. Way to go on getting your workouts in last week! I've tried a step class before and I have zero coordination for it

    1. LOL...that's funny! I know exactly what you're talking about though! It takes about three classes before you really get the hang of it and then it just comes natural. It's like your body moves without really listening to what she tells you to do.


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