Tuesday, February 16, 2016

2016 Valentine's Recap

Grab a drink and sit down -- I'm not sure if it's because the kids are older or because we had a pretty open schedule, but we celebrated a lot this year! ;)  PS...many iPhone photos, so I apologize. 
Thursday night the kids and I made strawberry cupcakes to take to daycare, a bunch of parts came for the Jeep, and Adam had practice with Mark.

I bought the kids some festive snack mix, a coworker brought gourmet cupcakes, & Adam had a big, beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered to me. 

Friday morning we dropped Cullyn off for tumbling and preschool and got to work on Jordyn's Valentine's box for her party at preschool {we had to stop at Aunt Ashley/Uncle Myles to use their glue gun}. 
When you have to wash your hands and Uncle Myles is home...
A suitecase

We snacked...

And packed everything for the kids' daycare party {Monday}

And had lunch...

Checking out the loot after the preschool party...

That night after we put the kids to bed, Adam and I made a bunch of charcuterie and cuddled up in front of the fireplace to watch BURNT.   
Ignore the cords...I'm going to get built-ins, someday!
The 'after'
Saturday morning we went to the gym, hung out around home, and while everyone else took long afternoon naps, I took my first bubble bath in the new house and painted my nails before our friends Eric & Mallory came over for dinner and games later that evening. 


Waiting for our guests...  

{a part of} Dinner...

I let Adam sleep in on Sunday morning and made the kids breakfast before giving them their gifts.  We shoveled before going out for lunch as a family to Waterfront and then shopping for a table and chairs for our dining room {although we couldn't find one we liked} :(  We did find the most comfortable living room set ever {we may buy it today}.  We came home and ordered a heart shaped pizza from PapaJohns for dinner, eating it picnic style in the living room before renting The Martian and calling it a night. 

It was a wonderful weekend!


  1. Looks like a fun Valentine's weekend in your house! :)

  2. Wow, looks like a great weekend! Love all the different hearts (heart pizza? Heck yes)

    1. I know, right? Pizza anything...always!! ;)

  3. The singing and guitars looks like a lot of fun :)

    1. That's at least a weekly occurrence at our house, and I couldn't love it more!! ;)

  4. Wow you guys did get soo much in!! Looks like y guys had a great weekend!! That couch looks super comfy!!

    1. I know...I can't wait to get it here!! We're working on the cabinets and floors before we have it delivered though. It's like a cloud!!!


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