Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Me & the Wees | September 2015


WEARING : This perfect fitting {super soft} tee for Me | J's first 'character' shirt & C's first boxer briefs

EATING :  Peanut butter bagels for Me | Apples with peanut butter for the Wees

LOVING :  Canned wine for Me {mainly for convenience-perfect for the pool} |  Dinosaur backpacks for the Wees

READING : Farming book for Me | Back to school books {from Gram} for the Wees


  1. Oh my gosh tiny boxer briefs!!! So cute! And where did you get those awesome dino back packs?!

    1. So funny because we get SO many comments on them. I got them off a deal a day site a LONG time ago. So long ago, I don't even remember where! I THINK {don't quote me!} they came from They have Monster {I would call them Robot, myself} ones on sale right now... .


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