Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Jordyn's 4th Birthday

You were so excited for your birthday this year, you struggled to go to sleep the night before.  Just another sign you're no longer a toddler, as this is the first time you really understood what is going on.  Also, for the month leading up to your party {and still} anytime someone didn't do what you wanted you said, 'then you're not going to be invited to my birthday party' and if we did something that made you especially happy, you said 'you can come to my birthday party' :) You're too cute kid!  

Anyways, after you were asleep, daddy and I blew up a bunch of balloons and put them in your room.  I woke extra early that morning to run into Grandma Joy's house to get candles because I knew I wanted to make you sprinkle pancakes.  I have some, but they got packed away during the move.  You woke extra early and came running into the kitchen with two balloons and a huge grin!  You were so excited!  You informed me that you didn't want sprinkle pancakes and I should make chocolate chip pancakes instead, and you helped me add a generous amount of chocolate chips to the batter. ;)

Before daddy left for work, you convinced us to let you open a couple of presents.  You were so excited for a necklace, rings, and bangle bracelets. :)

Once he left, I sang you Happy Birthday and you ate your FOUR pancakes!  You love pancakes as much as your Aunt Alicia used to! :)

Cullyn woke up and we all got ready to go to Des Moines.  Cullyn had preschool that morning, so we headed to Jordan Creek Mall to do some shopping.  You desperately need 4T clothes, so we went to Old Navy and stocked up.  You suckered me into getting you two pair of shoes, too. ;)  Then we went to Chick-fil-A for lunch and down to play on the equipment for a few minutes before we had to head back to Ankeny to drop you off at preschool.  While you were at school, I ran a few errands and picked up treats for your friend celebrations.  I spent the last half of class with you, which is your favorite things these days.  You were excited to share cupcakes with your preschool friends, but didn't want them to sing to you {silly girl!}

After preschool, we went to daycare to pick up Cullyn and have a snack with your daycare friends & teachers.  You let them sing to you, but didn't want a piece of the big cookie. Crazy girl!

We left daycare and you, Cullyn, and I went to Chuck E Cheese for a couple of hours.  I have no photos to prove it {except for a few iPhones ones} because I really wanted to play with you guys.  We took turns spending all of the tokens, ate pizza, Cullyn met Chucky, but you were not interested in getting near him, and headed home.  Daddy met us there for a little bit between work and his work trip, which we were all excited about. 

You fell asleep on the way home from Des Moines.  Another small reminder that while you're big, you really still just a little one.  I couldn't help but stare at you through the rear view mirror.  Four years ago, I was holding you feeling completely {excited, overwhelmed, lucky, etc. but also} exhausted.  The exhaustion I had after a your delivery is nothing compared to the exhaustion of daily life these days, but I had no idea how rich you would make my life.  How when I go to bed each night I feel like I've been blessed with another amazing day with the most amazing people on the planet.  Your love for life, compassion for everyone, and resilience is just incredible. You make my heart so full!  You show me what life is really about.  Thanks for making me a mama, baby girl!  As you say...'I love you to the moon & back 16 times' ;)

A few of my favorite things about you right now...
You sing the Pledge of Allegiance with so much pride
You love arts & crafts
You say ga-mote when you mean remote & bomb pin when you mean bobby pin
You're such a little mama {& teachers pet}!


  1. this was so sweet!! they grow up so fast.

  2. How fun! Those pancakes look delish!!

    1. Thanks! I really wanted to spend the entire day with her, but taking her out of preschool this year {after the struggles we've had} just wasn't the best option for her.


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