Sunday, August 30, 2015

Happy Sunday

I'm super behind on posting everything {swimming lessons, pools/splash pads, my birthday, new daycare, etc.} I want to, so I decided it was the perfect time for a catch up post. My kids are playing on the deck in a fort I made, so we've got 10 minutes max.  Grab a coffee, or in my case a cold can of Mt. Dew and sit down...

My mom and I shopped with the kids all day yesterday before going to a baby shower and then listening to Adam's band play last night and so we're all dragging a bit this morning.  Actually Adam's still in bed sleeping and I'm up with the kids but very much still lounging.  My sister is coming over today since she's in town for the weekend.  The kids are already jumping off the walls with excitement. :)  I literally fell over Murdock this morning when I walked back into the {dark} bedroom and didn't see him on the floor.

I would say the weather has finally cooled down a bit, but it supposed to be back in the 90's this week, so I guess it was just a bit of temporary relief. :)  Either way, we were happy to get a little time at the parks.  Maybe we'll make one last pool/splash pad run this week.

Speaking of this week.  I have a couple of photo sessions {as I do every week} book club {my first} and a few days of the regular stuff {work/daycare/etc.} and then we're headed to the lake for another long weekend.  I'm super excited! An Iowa football game with my family, Adam's band is playing at a big outdoor concert, play an extra day of lounging with friends and family on the boat…yes please!  Oh and about my first book club…I'm currently on page 7 of 359!  I'm feeling the anxiety of college all over again.  Does anyone have the cliff notes version of The Invention of Wings?! ;)

I feel like I should just cancel our gym membership now.  Fall is insane with photography and I haven't really went since Spring {yes, you can judge me…I am!}  I'm up 10-15 pounds from this time last year {in my defense that was probably the smallest I had ever been, so it wasn't really my normal, but I'm still feeling the effects of the extra weight} :(

Mentioning photography, I've been approached about another exciting opportunity, so once the details have been worked out, I'll tell you all about it. :)

Other semi-big news that I haven't mentioned yet for fear of jinxing it {yes, I know there is no such thing as jinxing and whatever is meant to be will be, but I'm still scared/nervous/excited and pray that it goes through, so I don't talk about it} If all goes as planned, we'll be closing on our condo at the end of September.  This brings all kinds of emotions {as I mentioned last time} but again, we didn't have it listed and the opportunity came to us, so we're taking this as a sign and going with it.  We don't really know what's going on with anything else yet, but I'll keep you updated when we do.  Prayers appreciated.

Okay, the kids are getting rowdy and Adam woke up, so we'll cut this.  Here's to hoping I get caught up this week.  Happy Sunday everyone!


  1. Congratulations on the condo! I hope everything works out well. Can't wait to hear more about the photography opportunity too!


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