Thursday, July 30, 2015

Snippets of the lake...

It's been over 6 months since my last 'lake house updates' post, so I thought it was time so show you what's new.  We've finally moved from renovations to decorations...which is much more fun {for me anyways!} ;)

Let's start from the outside in...

We had a large {dead} tree removed from the back yard.  We hired a company to take the tree down since it was so large and close to the house, plus there were power lines in the way.  We cut all of the wood up ourselves, which I don't think we'll ever do again {wow, that is a lot of work!} The company we hired is supposed to come back and grind up the stump sometime soon.  We don't have a ton of trees on our little lot, so we would like to plant a few more someday. 

We got a new rug for the deck from Fab Habitat.  It currently has the kids wooden picnic table on it, which works perfectly because it's so easy to wipe off {spills don't absorb into this rug, they wipe right up}.

c/o Fab Habitat
Just inside the door, we bought this HOME sign.  The O is an outline of Iowa.  

Under this coat rack, we have got new bench!  Best part? It has a cute little basket underneath to throw stuff  in {summertime?  Sunscreen, boat key, bug spray, etc.  I'm sure this winter it will house hats & gloves for the littles!} Plus it's made of solid wood & metal. 

purchased here {sorry for the crappy photos…it was late!}

We replaced all of the interior doors with new white ones, which look so stinking good!  They seriously brighten the whole house up!  Now, if only we had trim around them, I would show you a photo.  We plan to do the interior trim this winter, so hopefully I'll have photos to show you guys by the next update! :)
purchased at Menards

The biggest purchase this year was our new furniture!  This has been a long time coming!  I really wanted to get white furniture, but it just wasn't practical, so we opted for gray instead and I love it!  We burned the old  tan sectional {true story} and purchased a couch, chase lounger, side table, end table, & metal basket.

We also got a bunch of new throws & lake pillows since all of the old stuff was tan/brown.  
c/o MalloryLynnDecor
c/o BAZZcreations

c/o LoveYouMoreBoutique

c/o OxfordCraftNepal {super soft, lightweight, & versatile!  They come in several colors, too!}
Above the couch is this large piece
Purchased here

End table details...

Moving around toward the kitchen...

{finally} new lights!  This one is above the sink, looking out the back window

c/o BootsNGus

This one is over the bar cart


On top of the window sill, I have these adorable little geometric, cement plant holders. 

and succulents which if I'm being honest, didn't last long. I think our lakehouse is too humid. :(
Pots purchased at Earl May & painted with white paint
The succulents are sitting on our new Bar Cart which was my Mother's Day gift!! 
as requested in this post. cart purchased here

above the cart is a wine rack made by my sister & BIL purchased by my in laws for me for Christmas!
I seriously need to up my wine game at the lake!  left to right:: $3 wine from WalMart, kids juice, Malibu {which I don't even like} and more sparkling wine for the kids. #Sad

Top 5 lake house 'to-do' items right now...
finish interior trim
plant hastas out back & around trees
'fix' the driveway
replace deck
replace kitchen cabinets


  1. Since we live right next to Napa, I love the candle. And the bench, and the rug, and just about everything!!

    1. How far are you from Napa? So jealous! I went to SF a couple of years ago for work, but was pregnant, so I didn't make the drive to Napa. Adam and I want to get out there though!

  2. Love that rug and how everything is looking together!! The living room has really come together - rustic sheek!!


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