Thursday, July 2, 2015

Skincare Regimen | 2015

Okay, I'll admit this isn't the most interesting post, I'm so not into beauty & fashion, but I've recently had to change my skincare regimen up a bit.  For some reason I never really dealt with acne as a teenager, or even in college, but since having children and working out more, I seem to be getting more and more acne.  I use the term acne loosely, because I know people have it much worse than me, but my chin tends to be a problem area -- largely because when I'm at work {thinking} I have a habit of putting my hand to my chin. favorite products in order of usage...

Clinique Acne Solutions Cleanser :: I purchased this a VonMaur, but I'm sure anywhere that carries Clinique {most department stores} would have it available.  This is a liquid that turns foam when it pumps.  I LOVE this.  If I used only one face product, it would be this.  It leaves my face feeling incredible! $20

Up & Up Eye Makeup Remover :: I totally forgot to picture this, but I'm not too picky about my eye makeup remover, so I use the cheap stuff from Target.  $2.50

 Arbonne Genius Nightly Resurfacing Solution :: This is a splurge!  I purchased it because I got my first age spot {!!-I'm not even 30 yet!} I only use it at night, but I noticed a difference after just one week.  I dab the little pad it comes with and start on my age spot {just left of my left eye} and then use the remainder of the pad under my eyes, between my eyes, and around my mouth.  $95

Burt's Bees' Acne Solution Toner :: Again, toner isn't a huge deal to me.  I bought this on my last walmart run.  I apply it in the mornings after I wash my face.  I squirt a bit on a makeup pad or piece of toilet paper and swipe it all over my face.  $10

Arbonne Corrective Eye Cream :: This was another splurge.  I've always had terrible dark spots under my eyes {thanks dad!}but having children has only intensified this {if I could only teach them that sleep is in fact a good thing!} :)  Again, maybe it's just my imagination, but I really think this has helped.  I apply it all around my eye {if I have any left on my hand, I rub it around my smile lines} after the toner.  $55

Arbonne Restorative Day Cream Moisturizer :: Clearly by now you know all of my Arbonne products are splurges.  In truth, I tried a sample of their entire RE9Advanced line that I loved, but just couldn't pull the trigger with that price tag, so I chose the most important to me.  So clearly this is a fantastic lotion considering I could buy a 'regular' lotion at the salon for under $20.  It leaves my face feeling moisturized but not heavy or greasy.  $50

Are there any products I'm missing?  
Something amazing that I must try?  Help a sister out!

Again, this is an unpaid product review.  I bought all of these items at full price & expressed only my own opinions. 

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