Thursday, June 11, 2015

Father's Day Favorites & Gift Ideas

Can you believe Father's Day is less than 2 weeks away?  We've been so busy over here, I haven't purchased anything for Father's Day yet.  We're planning to cook out with my father in law on Friday {it's his birthday, too!} meet my dad in Iowa City on Saturday, and then let Adam spend Sunday however he wants.  We will likely be at the lake and see his dad again on Sunday as well.  Anyways, since I'll {hopefully!} be making my online purchases tonight, I've been thinking of things I think the men in our lives would like.

If I end up ordering from Uncommon Goods {no affiliation} I might have to get myself this Custom Cribbage Board {they even have Lake Ponderosa!!!}

And a few favorites from the men in my life...
My mom bought all of the guys in our family these Sanuks {Adam has 3 pair!} Adam's favorite Sushi Rolling mat is here.  Every guy should own one of these.  And my dad swears by this shave oil.  If all else fails, grab a bottle of their favorite booze or a giftcard for more tools, or even another flashlight, but whatever you do, don't buy them clothes/necessities! ;)


  1. My step dad loves his sanuks, but they are getting old. I think you just found my gift for him!!

    1. They're sure a hit here! So comfy...from what I hear! :)


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