Tuesday, May 5, 2015

I'm legit!

Ahh!  Three years after I started my photography business, I finally have a website to show people! :)  I've been using word of mouth to book 100% of my sessions & Facebook to share some of my work for over 2 years.  In December, I decided it was time to take my business to the next level. So, in January, I made a few goals for 2015.

Design a logo
I also designed a little sneak peek stamp that I add to my Facebook photos

Create a website
 Isn't in adorable?! I love how photo-centered it is!  I'm not 100% done uploading photos, and finalizing a few details like linking my blog, but I'm really happy with it.  And I'm excited for people to be able to reach me online {other than Facebook}

Start sharing photos digitally with clients
Although the website is definitely the biggest step, and most convenient for clients, this is definitely my favorite 'upgrade'.  This allows for faster turnaround time, better quality photos, & easier social media sharing of photos for my clients.  Plus, no more burning discs for me!

As a bonus, I added a calendar for clients to view my availability…

Next step…design & print business cards!

Thank you so much Jess [Jess Wright Design] for helping me bring my vision to life! 


  1. A awesome job!! You got this!!

    1. Thanks Ashley! Maybe someday I'll get brave enough to go full time! :)

  2. Congrats!!!! This is huge. It;s beautiful! SO exited for you. I can't believe you didn't have one before, you have been LEGIT A LONG time!!!

  3. OOOO I love the calendar idea. And the logo! Totally rocking it!

  4. Thanks! You need to get a site setup next! ;)


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