Thursday, April 16, 2015


A few weeks or a month ago, we decided to move Cullyn to a big boy bed.  Since the kids share a room, we decided to do a twin bed with a trundle bed underneath to save space.  Since we're hopeful to move someday, we left the decor as is, but decided to move things around a bit.   Details below…

As soon as we got the beds together, we implemented a sticker chart in an effort to keep Jordyn in her bed.  She was starting to come into our bed earlier and earlier every night.  Luckily, she liked it and hasn't came into our bed once since then.  {high-five emoji} 

Bed :: My MIL's attic
Comforter :: Target
Sheets :: Target
Dresser :: IKEA {similar}
Basket :: Target {similar}
Tassels :: The Flare Exchange
Print :: Gift Shop @ Mercy Hospital
Stuffed Animals :: Hallmark


  1. Love it! Such a cute little bed!!!

    1. Thanks! It's working really well for that space. :)


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