Tuesday, April 21, 2015


I have to tell you guys, I've been almost begging Adam for the past year or so, to sell the condo & lakehouse, pack up, & relocate.  There is something about breaking free from the mundaneness of the only life we've ever known…exploring a new city, a warm city, maybe even a costal city {???} as a family of four {well 5 w/ Murdock}.  I know it seems like a cop out, afterall our lives will surely be busy no matter where we live, but I kind of feel like we'll want to make the move before the kids start school, so now is our time to move around and try something new.

While I'm still team break out of Iowa {as much as I love this state more each year & would seriously miss the change in seasons} I can't imagine how 2015, thus far, would have played out if we hadn't had family in the same state.  I mean, I know we would have figured it out, but my mom, sister, & mother in law have saved us countless times this year between the two week sitter transition, my work trip to Texas, Adam and my trip to Arizona and Adam's huge health scare, and days that our nanny has needed off.

I guess there isn't really a point to this post other than God works in mysterious ways and the older I get the more I learn that as much as I try, nothing is really on my time, but rather his time.  While I'm still praying we get to try out another city, there are just many things that need align for that to happen {jobs, schools, daycare, etc.} and I don't want to push it and risk regretting it. 

So for now, we'll wait it out and be thankful for close family and friends.  Because I'm very thankful we're not alone with a 2 year old, 3 year old, & a large dog, in an unknown city with no help.


  1. You are braver than me! Granted I would like a new house, but I don't think I could pack my life up in this area. Granted if we had to choose somewhere to move, we would choose Calgary, as we loved it there!!

    1. I'm sure it wouldn't be easy, but it's still a dream. Even though I know I would end up coming back to Iowa eventually! ;) I think it's especially hard since you guys have a family business -- you're pretty grounded. :)


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