Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Blog Revamp!

Many of you already noticed and commented before I got this post up, but here it is...my new layout!!
About a year ago, I lost my website.  By 'lost', I mean the credit card on file for annual renewal expired.  I know this sounds dumb, but I couldn't find a way to renew it.  And believe me, I tried.  Probably a dozen times.  For 1-2 hours each time.  I know, it sounds simple, but it wasn't.  In fact, I'm completely convinced they do this on purpose so that they can try to sell you your website back {true story!} for thousands {yep, you read that correctly!}thousands of dollars!  Since that's totally out of my budget, I wiped my tears away, and asked Jess to help me flip everything back to .blogspot.com.  Luckily she's smart like that and had me up and running that afternoon.

All of that to say, when I 'lost' my website, all of my links quit working.  Many of the links within old posts are still broken.  So, I decided it was time to give the whole blog a facelift {even if I only have 3 'followers' now!} :)  Well that, and the fact that Cullyn isn't even in my header and he'll be two in a couple of months {sob!}.  So...without further ado, I encourage you to hop out of your reader and look at my new blog design thanks to Jess!

Isn't my new header gorgeous?!  I love the color scheme!  And you can't go wrong with glitter! :)
You may also notice that I have a header bar with popular posts at the top.  I'm hoping to get those completed/updated soon!

The new font & post layout may be my favorite part!  Especially since those of you that know me, know that I write in caps. :)

We're still working out the kinks on my sidebar, mainly the names above the sidebar, but isn't it nice to have updated photos?!  Welcome Cully! :)
My new Archive & Search bar

And the biggest change {other than the header of course} is probably that I've started replying to comments in this section instead of email.  So, if you ask me a question in a comment, check back {or make sure you notification settings are correct} to see my response.  I'm hoping this will help me not lose comments in my email inbox! :)

Again, big thanks to Jess!  If you need a facelift, she's your girl!  
After she makes my photography page of course! :)


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you...I love how clean & fresh it feels! :) Now I'm getting anxious for her to start on my photography one!!! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! I'm totally jealous you have a hubby that can do this stuff! :)


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