Monday, November 10, 2014

This & That {v.43}

It was actually a fairly quiet week, but this week is going to be brutal

Did this:
Took Murdock to the vet 
Took the kids for well-checks
Went to the dentist
Enjoyed a night in at the lakehouse by eating pizza, drinking wine, & playing cribbage
Visited my sister & BIL to see their new {in JULY!} apartment & hang out for the day
Played Heads Up 
Raked the leaves for the year
Took a senior session

Instagrammed that

Shot this

Edited that


  1. How is Murdock doing?? We have soo much yard work to do when we get home and settled!! Ahhh!! Pics look great!!

  2. This reminded me, I need Diego to get his nails cut. Love that fence!


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