Thursday, October 9, 2014


This post isn't really about anything.  I have several things I want to post, but can't seem to catch up with anything in my life right now {like every other photographer in the fall, I suppose}.  I almost took today off work.  I've been so incredibly busy lately, and I've been sick for the last week, which is really wearing on me.  I finally started taking something to kick it {sinus infection} and it's getting a bit better.  But I haven't been to the gym all week because I just feel like crap & my antibiotic makes me nauseous.  Which makes me borderline panic because I'm scheduled to run a marathon relay in a week and a half and I haven't trained at all. :/  Also giving me an anxiety attack...Jordyn turning three!  Emotionally, because hello, that means I've almost been married 5 years and my BABY will be 3!!  I'm in total denial!  But also because I haven't got anything ready {for real!} for her party which is a week from Saturday {OMG!}.  Food, decor, all needs figured out!  Other fun {not!} added stress right now.  Getting a bill for $700 to the IRS because your CPA did something wrong on your taxes in 2013.  And then getting a bill for $250 from your CPA for the time it took them to review their error.  Or the $500 gas tank refill at the lake after paying $300 for car registration, and another $300 for getting a wheel barring fixed. $2000 on crap like that makes me cringe!  Hello...we could take a family vacation with that amount of money!  Also::sometimes being a grown up just sucks!
The one thing that's making me excited right now...the fact that we had our family photos taken.  So far, I've only see one {well 2 really} photo that she posted on her FB page, but I'm excited to see the rest!  I'll post a bunch of them when we get them {& tell you all about our experience} but here's the photo we have right now. :)
Other positive things right now...
1.  It's Thursday, which is my Friday.  Which means I get to spend tomorrow with my babies! :)
2.  Sunday Jordyn and I have a special afternoon planned.
3.  I quoted 3 weddings for 2015 & locked in a 2016 graduate.

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