Wednesday, August 27, 2014

{ing} life

{making}  lists for vacation
{cooking}  grilled cheeseburger wraps
{drinking}  a mountain dew
{reading}  the Fixed trilogy
{wanting}  my kids to have fun with Grandma Joy {& aunts/cousin} while we're gone
{looking} for Adam's passports, our flight itinerary, my external hard drive, Cullyn's sippy cup of milk...
{praying}  for safe flights for everyone 
{playing}  American Kids by Kenney Chesney & blocks with Jordyn
{wasting}  time blogging
{wishing}  I was caught up on all of my editing {always}, that my laptop was fixed, & that I was packed
{enjoying} my last couple of days with the kids
{waiting}  for the dryer to buzz
{liking}  back to school shopping with Jordyn
{wondering}  how bad it is for your kid to eat chalk. and how much is too much {ahem.  Cullyn!}
{loving}  my new mani/pedi that my sister, Jordyn, & I got
{hoping} for awesome weather in Mexico, that we didn't forget anything, & that J's first day of school goes well
{needing}  an eyebrow wax.  bad!
{smelling}  the last of my Pomegranate candle before I break out the Fall one! :)
{editing} a senior session and then a wedding
{wearing} jean shorts and my new favorite tee {here}
{following}  this girl cutest posts ever!
{noticing} how badly we need new carpet.
{knowing}  I have about 346812864 errands to run and things to do before we leave
{thinking} about Adam & I on vacation
{feeling}  anxious.  excited.  nervous.  
{bookmarking}  all things fall!
{opening}  mail to pay bills {ugh!}
{giggling} at Murdock and Cullyn wrestling and Jordyn practicing her summersaults


  1. Loving the life update...and of course the shout out :) I saw on FB you are interested in designing a site for A Photo{graphy}...I'd be interested in learning more about what you need/want, so if you're still searching feel free to email me some deets. Good luck with the rest of your vacation prep. See you on the beach!

  2. I'm pretty jealous your going on vacation again!

  3. Ugh my vacation is still 99 days away! It needs to come faster!

  4. Love this post!! Eating chalk hey. I was wondering the same thing about playdough today!!


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