Monday, April 14, 2014

This & That {v.15}

Did this:
Took the kids on their first buggy ride {8.5miles}
Went to the park twice {made it to our 3rd park--I'm hoping to hit all of them in town this spring/summer}
Took several family walks! :)
Ran 10 miles {for the 1st time EVER!!}
Went on a date with Adam our to dinner and to see Hamilton Loomis in concert {with friends}
Tried a new night sitter {who showed up 30 minutes late :/ }
Took the kids to their first Easter Egg Hunt {it didn't go as well as when we practiced at home!  :/ }
Enjoyed AMAZING weather on Saturday
Bought a new grill
Started prepping for Cullyn's 1st Birthday {SOB!!} :(
Celebrated two of my nieces birthdays
Met up with friends for a late night get together
Played Monopoly with friends while it rained allll day! 
Cullyn's 1st Birthday Photoshoot got rained out! :(  

Instagrammed that:

Shot this: 

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  1. Seriously why does weather have to ruin everything!?


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