Saturday, April 19, 2014

Jordyn Lynn | 2 1/2 Years Old

You're a little girl with one BIG personality right now!  You know {& let us know} exactly what you want!  You're the most rough yet kind, naughty yet loving, sassy yet sweet, strong yet fragile 2 year old I know.  You weren't even supposed to get your photos taken, but like you often do these days, you said 'mama, take my picture,' so I did!  :)

You're becoming a more picky eater.  You pretty much live off of mac & cheese, hotdogs, green beans, peas, lima beans, peaches, grapes, mandarin oranges, & veggie pouches.  And of course snacks…granola bars, bananas, yogurt, applesauce, fruit bars, fruit strips/bites, cranberries, raisins, cheerios, & veggie sticks.  But your favorite foods are Chicken nuggets & cheese {any kind!} We have to bribe you to eat 2 'no thank you' bites of pasta, grilled meat, & most other fruit/veggies.  {I'm SO thankful we started the 'no thank you bites' from the beginning}.  You LOVE Almond milk, but will drink regular {2% or whole} if that's all we have.  Oh, you also LOVE froyo. :)

You like getting out of the house for everything, but you're favorite activities are art class, shopping {mainly groceries}, & the park.  You still love books, but you're taking more interest in baby dolls, princess dress up, and, most of all, art.  Your imagine has taken off all of a sudden.  You create 'houses' from the kitchen chairs and make 'cho cho trains' with the rocking chairs in the living room.   You're also {finally} starting to become interested in animals, so we're hoping to expand that interest this summer.

You're approximately 24 pounds, you wear 2t clothes,  & size 6 shoes.  You still haven't got your 2 year molars.  You've had your eyes check and went to the dentist.  You're potty trained through the day and wear a diaper at bedtime.  You know your full name 'Jordy Lynn Hubbard,' your birthday {October}, and your age {Two--with the peace sign}.   

You always take your socks & shoes off in the car.  You insist on dressing yourself {including shoes & coat}.  You love being out side {specifically for walks, going to the park, & blowing bubbles}.  You like to take photos with my camera/phone.  You've recently taken interest in movies {5-10 minutes of Frozen, The Lion King, & Brave} before bed.  You still love singing {ABC's, the Hello song, Let it Go, The Wheels on the Bus, Old McDonald, etc.} and counting.  Coloring is your favorite thing.  You 'build houses' and 'forts' every day {mainly under the table, but in the living room & toy room too.}  Your favorite thing at the park is swinging on the swings {both kinds}.  You love brushing {& flossing} your teeth.

You love your family and tell us often.  You love to give us smooches and one of my favorite things is when you give us hugs and tell us you love us totally unprompted.  You are so sweet.  You love to take take Murdock outside and feed him.  Anytime Cullyn makes a noise, you're there to soothe him.  You're my biggest helper {'folding' laundry, shutting doors, throwing trash away, etc.}  

I cannot believe it's been 2 1/2 years since you blessed our lives.  You are an absolute ray of sunshine in our lives.  We love you to the moon & back baby girl!

Also noteworthy…you call Cullyn 'Coolan' it's so adorable! :)

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