Thursday, February 27, 2014

Snow Fun {brought inside}

We've got more snow in Iowa this February than we've got in October, November, December, & January combined.   I LOVE me a good snow day {still hasn't happened this year}.  Unfortunately, with negative 3293984 degree temperatures {day after day this winter}, it's impossible to take the kids {2 & 10 months} outside.  So…I decided to bring the snow inside.

1.  Start the fireplace {obviously optional}
2.  Lay several layers of quilts on the living room floor.
3.  Grab a few buckets, fill them with snow, and bring them inside.
4.  Give the kids some containers {muffin pans, disposable tins, etc.} and utensils and let them play.
5.  This entertained the kids {and let mama and daddy watch the winter olympics} for over an hour.

Plus…I can't be the only mom that's totally over this sight...

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