Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Tubes {take two}

On Monday, December 2nd, both of the kids got a set of tubes {this was Jordyn's second set}.  I was alittle concerned that they weren't going to start surgery until 8:30a since the kids couldn't eat or drink anything after midnight {I actually called about this since Cully is only 8 months, I didn't feel like he should be going without a bottle for 12 hours, so they allowed me to wake him and give him one last bottle at 2:30a}.  They ended up doing great.  They took Cullyn back and were done with him before they started on Jordyn, so we weren't ever away from both kids.  It was wonderful.  They sure have this procedure down to a science at this surgery center.  Jordyn ended up coming out of anesthesia MUCH better than last time.  We spent the afternoon cuddling and lounging around home as a family. 
As for follow up...both of the kids took their ear drops like a champ {twice a day for five days}.  Jordyn actually asked for them each day {an improvement from last time--although she did good last time too}.  

We went to the clinic for a follow up last Friday morning.  Cullyn's ears looked great.  So follow up in 6 months.  Jordyn on the other hand had dried drainage in both ears {again}.  They swaddled her and I had to lay on her {again} while the nurse held her head so they could suction both ears out.  :(  My poor baby!  {See also: This is when having Friday's off is a downfall, because I'm stuck taking the kids to all their yucky appointments--by myself!} :(  Anyways...they told us to mix equal parts water and white vinegar together and syringe it in her ears, dry them, and then give her the prectription ear drops in both ears, twice a day for another week.  We go back tomorrow for a {hopefully, FINAL} follow up. 

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  1. My goodness - poor little girl! I hope for every one's sake that the vinegar stuff works so she doesn't have to keep suffering with it!


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