Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I'm back! {sort of}

Wow...It's been a while since I blogged!

I think about blogging about 57 times a day.  Unfortunately when I finally have time to blog {Read: once both kids go to bed} I am exhausted and take myself directly to bed as well!  If I don't go to bed I'm cleaning, doing laundry, or editing photos.

I have 37 posts started and stilling my drafts {no really!} I swear I'm going to get at least a few of them finished up before I start to forget what I even wanted to say.  A few are vacation related, some are fun things we've done this summer, and most are parenting/baby/life related.

Our family photos are booked {for October 12th!} and the outfit planning {for J's 2nd Birthday, C's 6 Month, Our Little Family, & my Family}has begun.  I'm so excited about the colors, the coordinating, and most of all the finished product!! {Outfit Boards are also on my list to share with you!}

Am I the only one that feels like summer is over?!  Now that I'm back to working full time {4 days a week} it seems like summer is over!  :(  There are just a few more things that we have on the calendar to indulge in before I put my fall decor up {the Iowa State Fair, My Birthday, a Sleepover with our Nieces & Nephews}

Photoshoots are back in full force again.  Which I'm so so thankful for since we have birthdays {mine, my parents, Adams, and Jordyn's} coming up and Christmas shopping has begun.  I'm also thankful because I love them and I hope to get going enough that someday I can make it full time!

Okay...that's all I have time for now.  I'll be back with a bunch more in the next couple of weeks.  Until then, follow me on Instagram.

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