Monday, July 29, 2013


Outside my window..the sun is setting
Today I feel..a little depressed, a lot overwhelmed, and even more thankful for a wonderful night with my little family!
I am thinking..about life changes.  Specifically when to sell and when {what} to buy.  It's so hard to know when 'the time' is!
I am thankful..for all the upgrades to the lakehouse this summer!
Tomorrow I am catch up on some housework and get ready for Adam's band gig on Wednesday night
I am  
I am yoga pants & a gold hawekeyes t-shirt
I kiddos were feeling 100% & my had energy to finish the 37 blog posts I've started!
This weekend I..have a birthday party for our oldest nephew and a birthday party for a friend.  
I am reading..Nothing!  I was in the middle of two and they had to be returned before I was finished.  Sad, huh?  I have SO MANY good books on my list, but no time to read them! :(
I am working stuff {Fall promotions & a website} and Cullyn's 0-3 month photo book
Yesterday I..started painting a bedroom at the lakehouse for the kids
I am hoping..we can swing the 5 trips/vacations that are in the works for next year
I am hearing..Adam eating popcorn, cars go by outside, and the movie 'Premium Rush' playing
I am watching..Premium Rush {it's a little slow so far...} 
Current Temp..66 degrees!  This is not normal for an Iowa July!

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  1. Busy, busy, busy you! I'm sorry you're down and overwhelmed. Happens to all of us, I know, but it's hard. Hope it lightens soon.


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