Wednesday, January 9, 2013

San Francisco | CA ::your thoughts::

In less than a month, I'll be flying solo to San Francisco for a week.  Although I'll be in meetings and plan to spend most of my extra time enjoying room service and having the whole bed to myself for naps, I will need to feed this baby and I do want to check out a few 'must sees' in SF.  So, bloggy friends...

Have you been there, do you live there?  What was your favorite thing to do?  Are there any ah-maz-ing restaurants I need to check out?  Anything [or anywhere] I should stay away from?  


  1. I only spent a day there (but packed as much as I could in that one day!) but I can tell you that Pier 39 is an absolute must. Go to one of the vendors and get the soup (the lobster bisque was amazing) in a bread bowl. Check out Coit Tower -- you can see Lombard Street, Alcatrez, and the bridges from there. It's pretty neat! And, being pregnant you may not want to go to Haight Ashbury but it's a pretty neat experience!

  2. I wish I could be more help. I've been once but it was for my sister in laws bachelorette party, so I don't remember much lol. I'm pretty sure you will be taking pics so I can't wait to see them on FB or Instagram!

  3. One of my favorite places to go, and have spent alot of time there....E&O Trading Company is a must for dinner! Although it's served family style, so don't go alone or plan for leftovers :-) Just food or other sites too?


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