Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Ugly Side [Pregnancy Pains]

I didn't want to post about this stuff, I kind of thought if I ignored it, it would just go away.  Well it hasn't, so for documentation purposes, here goes...  [but if you don't want to hear about all the aches and pains of pregnancy, you should probably skip this post!]

[Round Ligament Pain]
At the end of my first trimester or beginning of my second trimester I began having sharp pains in my right side [just above my hip bone].  Sometimes they last longer than others.  On bad days the pain shoots into the front [low, like pelvic bone area].  It seems to hurt the worst when I get into my car or when I hold Jordyn too much [is that even possible?!].  My OB diagnosed this as Round Ligament Pain.  She said stretching can help, but pretty much it's common in 2nd pregnancies [and on I suppose] and will stay until I deliver.  The scar tissue from my Appendectomy earlier this year is likely to increase this pain.  Rest is really the only thing that seems to help.   

But it kept going.  Getting worse.  More frequent and more intense.  Like quit talking mid sentence and hold my breathe.  And then, hold my breath and grab my side.  But now it was higher, like right under my rib cage.  So I called the OB Office again. 

After much discussion, we're pretty sure it's my gallbladder.  Looking back it tends to happen more after I eat or drink.  This pain is higher up.  More cramp like than the ripping feeling I get with the round ligament stuff.  It goes into my back and right shoulder blade area.  I'm sure it was worse with the holidays because the junk I was eating.  [Foods that make it worse...meat, grains, fried foods, soda, water, chocolate -- insert pretty much every other food I ate this weekend!] :(  Other symptoms include low Thyroid, foggy brain* [haha--all this time I was blaming it on being pregnant!], nausea, constipation [did you want to know that?!], oh and weight gain [yes, just a little! :]

So obviously I'll talk to them more about it at my next OB appointment, but for now I'll try to watch what I eat and see if it helps at all.  Obviously, we'll do whatever we can to wait until after I deliver H2 to do surgery [if that's what's necessary].  I guess the people that told me [after my surgery of course!] they should have  removed my gallbladder when they removed my appendix were right.  [::sigh::]

And for the record...when my round ligament pain and gallbladder aren't acting up, my acid reflux I sound like a whiny, pregnant, wuss or what?!  Ya, so that's why I prefer to give everyone the 'I'm great!' [with a big smile] when they ask.  It's way quicker & nobody wants to hear about everyone's aches and pains...we all have them! :)

*Speaking of foggy brain, I'll post this with my Christmas post too, but after we were done opening presents on Christmas morning, when I started putting the Christmas decor away [because I'm a scrooge like that] I found SIX more presents that I forgot to wrap and put under the tree for Jordyn!  Mom FAIL!  :(

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