Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Funk

This year I was just in a funk.  Like I forgot to wrap and set out 6 gifts!  And it totally slipped my mind to have Jordyn wear the Christmas dress and sweater I bought for her.  We didn't even think to set out cookies for santa until I was in bed, which meant it didn't happen since we had no cookies made at that point! 

*Don't get me wrong. Christmas was good, very good. We were able to see all of our immediate families and we got lots of gifts--like everything we asked for!  But Adam and I were talking afterwards and Christmas day [the day with just us at the lakehouse] just felt like gifts. Lots of emphasis on the gifts.  It was quite and almost lonely...definately lacked the craziness of Christmas!  I feel like I dropped the ball on so many levels this year, so next's on!
I am determined to make Christmas mine next year.  To start traditions with the kids, with our family.  Cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve, a big brunch after gift opening Christmas morning, and a Cake for Baby Jesus on Christmas Day afternoon.  I already made an Advent calendar for a Christmas book and an activity each a day.  Just Christmasy stuff, together.  To make memories!  Some big stuff, and some little.  Hanging lights with daddy, baking cookies with gram, adopting a family, drinking hot chocolate in front of the fireplace, make a Christmas craft, shopping for daddy & daycare, donating books to the library, setup a tree, wrap gifts, listen to a new Christmas CD, watch a Christmas movie under blankets on the living room floor....

**And yes, the real Christmas post with 5516512864 photos will be coming soon, hopefully next week...


  1. Sorry about the funk! Next year will be so fun for you and the family with all of your new traditions! :) It gets better each and every year. Don't worry- your little one had a wonderful Christmas I'm sure!

  2. I was totally in the Christmas funk as well. I didn't get all my decorations out, and most of my stuff didn't get wrapped and under the tree until Christmas Eve. I told my husband and I am longing for the days of big family get-togethers and traditions we can establish.
    Thank goodness we have 363 days to plan for next year! :)


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