Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Weekend with Family...

After waking up to the horrific news Friday morning, I was never so thankful for a weekend full of family and friends.  

Adam used his last vacation day Friday, so we finished a few holiday errands, packed the car, and headed to the lakehouse for the weekend. 

Friday we wrapped most of the Christmas gifts and took a family nap.  That night we brought pizzas over to Adam's parents and spent much of the evening with them.

Saturday morning we headed out bright and early to watch one of my nieces play in a basketball tournament in Traer.  Then we headed to Lonski's Deli in Grinnell for lunch before coming home for another family afternoon nap.  That night we fed Jordyn and took her to Grandma Joy's house for the evening while we attended our friend's annual Christmas [Festivus] Party.  No photos, but it was a great night!
 Sunday morning we watched four of our six nieces and nephews in their Church program.  One had a solo and the other had a large speaking part and danced in front of the church [which is SO not him! :]
Not pictured, my oldest niece
Then we came home and did the great purge of 2012!  I cleaned out a bunch of closets.  It felt so great!  Next up...transforming our guest room into a play room [& getting my living room back!] :)
This was one of the 4 closets I cleaned out!  Goodbye pre-baby clothes!!

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