Thursday, November 15, 2012

Why we layer crib sheets...& don't go to resturants!!

Note: this post talks about vomit & is a small novel....andplusalso you're welcome for no photos in this post!
Last night we learned why so many people have told me to put two crib sheets.  Honestly?  I was ready to rip the top one off around her first birthday when we had never benefited from the double sheets.  It just seemed like more work to wash and put another one back on each time. 

But last night?  Last night made me very thankful that I still had both on.  By morning we had went through two sheets and a third one was on. 

Last night we had plans to go to dinner with friends.  So, I got off work, picked up J, came home and give her a bath [yes, early & before dinner, but at least this way she would get one since we would be coming him too late to bathe her].  I bribed her with some snacks [a bowl of Cheerios, puffs, raisins, & yogurt balls] to hold her over the extra 30 minutes. 

Jordyn is very good at a lot of things, but dining out...not so much.  At home she eats and as soon as she's done we clean her up and let her down to roam.  So at a can guess it...she wants to eat and then get out.  And I dont' mean out to sit it either of our laps...that's like pure torture for our almost 13 month old [unless it's bedtime of course].  She wants down to crawl everywhere and pull herself up to everything.  At a restaurant?  NOT an option! 

So we went prepared [or so I thought!].  I packed a few books [a couple that were in the back and she hadn't played with in a while so they would be 'new'], a banana [her absolute favorite thing on the earth], a fruit bar [for backup], peaches, and yogurt.  I would order her some peas or green beans from the restaurant so she had a warm veggie [a favorite of hers].  

Loooong story short...the restaurant only had asparagus which I thought would just be too tough.  Jordyn plowed through her banana, wanted nothing to do with her peaches, ate her yogurt, her fruit bar, a squeezable applesauce from deep down in the diaper bag.  Then our food came.  She played nicely with books for a bit, but about half way through... she decided she wanted what mama was having.  What was I eating?  A fried pork tenderloin and fried french fries.  So it wasn't an option.  My girl has only eaten fruits, veggies, rice a handful of times, and ravioli which did NOT go well.  So friend food?  No go. 

UNTIL...she took the whining to a cry.  Kids crying in restaurants...not something Adam or I handle well.  So?  I did what any good mom panicked person would do and gave her a few [3-5] bites of my sandwich.  All was well and fine.  We finish up.  Pay our bill.  Say goodbye.  Drive over to Lowes to get some Christmas lights [!!].  She falls asleep in the car on the way home.  We change carry her  up stairs, change her diaper, put her pjs on, and put her down for bed.  I give Adam a hair cut.  When I'm done I check on J and go to bed myself.

Adam wakes me at 12:30am.  He was on his way to bed and check on Jordyn.  He notices she had thrown up!  [I promise the monitor was on...she must not have made a noise! :(  And also?  I 'slept' in 5 minute increments the rest of the night in fear she would do it again, and choke!] So we made a plan of attack...he picked her up & I stripped the crib down to the extra sheet.  Goodnight all!  Until we realize she has vomit on her jammies.  so we change her jammies.  But then we notice she has [dried!] vomit in her hair.  So it was off to give her a bath at 1am!  And this morning...we were on our third sheet!  I now know why parents layer their sheets.  And keep lots of clean ones close by.  I was in a bad enough mood doing what I did last night.  I can't imagine if I were washing [& drying!] sheets in the middle of the night too! 

So note to new parents: Layer the sheets in your child's crib!  You're welcome in advance! :)

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