Monday, October 15, 2012

The weekend I 'lost' my baby [not literally]

10 cups later, we found 'the' one!  Ended up being an old one from Grandma's house that she likes best...go figure!  :)
Oh my gosh you guys!  We had such a rough week, I'm sure you remember!  But this weekend?  This weekend totally made up for it!  My baby was amazing!  We had so much fun playing at home Friday, and she was a doll all weekend.
But this weekend I also feel like I officially lost  my baby girl.  I've been having a hard time with her turning 1 year anyways, but this weekend was the turning point from baby to little girl.  In three days she she learned to drink from a sippy cup 100%, started eating table food [peas, mandarin oranges, peaches] by herself, eat & carry around a snack cup filed with puffs, cranberries, & raisins, and stand up on her own for a few seconds.  I just cannot believe how much a little girl can change in just one weekend!
Breaks my heart, but also makes it explode with happiness!


  1. You gave me a momentary heart attack. You're not allowed to name a post "I lost my baby" ever again, k????? :-) But, I'm glad you found THE sippy cup!

  2. Yeah, I agree with Hilary's comment!! Horrible post title!!! Gahhh my heart is still pounding!!

  3. See... it just took some time!!! :) Glad everything worked out... and I believe Kayson took a SUPER old sippy cup from my parents home at first too. haha. Too funny. Something to always remember - or at least write it down!


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