Monday, September 24, 2012

Deets on H2

Similar to our last big surprise, I'm following our newest surprise with a details post as well.

Yes, she is playing with a pee stick, it only lasted .20493 seconds!  She didn't get the cap off either, for what it's wroth... And that's post bath, pre combed hair...didn't came home too quick!  :) 
Where you planning Baby H2?
Yes we were!  Our original plan was to start trying for H2 when J [H] turned 1, but we couldn't wait any longer, so we started trying in August instead of October.

When is Baby H2 expected to arrive?
We went for our first appointment Thursday and were able to sneak in an ultrasound, so they confirmBaby H2's due date is April 25th, 2013!! 

How did you find out you were pregnant?
I tested with an at home pregnancy test on August 22nd and got an error message!  Of course no amount of water consumed would allow me to pee again before I went to bed, so I tested again after work on August 23 [Jordyn's 10 month birthday] and it read PREGNANT just like that!  

How did you tell your hubby about H2?
I tested after I got off work [before Adam got home] and surprised him, again.  Jordyn had just got out of the tub from an early bath and I had her in a Big Sister shirt.  As soon as I heard him walk in I let her crawl to him so he could read it.

What did your family say?
They were all very excited.  My youngest sister's reaction is not blog appropriate, but I'm pretty sure she is the most excited.  I still don't think one of my brother in laws believes it.  One of my sister in laws get the award for most tearful.  My mother in law is still up there in shock with my brother in law.  My sister's reaction was, 'Are you pregnant, again?!' [like I have 10 kids with 10 different baby daddies or something!]  And my mom just can't wait!  Nevertheless, they are all very excited for all of us!

Have you been sick at all?
I've been much more tired this time around, but overall I'm feeling way better than I did with Jordyn.  I really only get nauseous if I don't eat every couple of hours.

How much weight have you gained so far?
I haven't gained any weight [as I shouldn't have yet] but I'm already feeling much bigger than I did at this time with Baby H.  I'm pretty sure things are going to stretch further than they did last time.  Probably because I didn't loose my baby weight like I should have after Baby H!

Will you stay home with Baby H and H2?
As much as I would LOVE to stay home with my babies, I'm planning to return to work full time after the 4th of July.  Financially it's best unless we want to downsize.  Luckily, we LOVE our sitter, Miss Courtney and she is very excited to add to her group.  

I know your mom has a daycare, will she be watching Baby H and H2?
Haha...I wish!  Unfortunately, I haven't convinced my dad to move to Ankeny yet.  He did mention that he now has twice the reason to move closer though, so I consider that progress! :)

Do you want a boy or a girl?  What about your hubby?
We are both open to either.  We're just praying for healthy.  I am still holding out for twins!!!  Part of me would love a little boy running around, but another part of me loves the idea of Jordyn having a little girl so she can be just as close as my sisters and I.  Neither Adam or I know what it's like to have a brother, so it would be a big adjustment!  If we have a boy there is a slim, but still some, possibility that this would be our last.  Unfortunately, babies aren't free! :)

Will you find out the sex?  If so, are you telling people?
We have decided not to find out the sex of Baby H2, just like we did with Baby H.  

Have you decided on a name for Baby H2?
Haha!  NO!  We didn't decide on Jordyn's name until 2 days before we delivered, so hopefully we'll find the names sooner than that this time.  I do have one I just LOVE but I haven't sold my husband yet!  :)  We do have both middle names chosen.

What are you missing most during this pregnancy?
Surprisingly...tanning!  I'm just so tired that a [tanning] nap sounds heavenly!!  I don't really miss much, but this warm weather makes me crave a cold drink [just a little bit].  And of course, living on a lake, I've been craving fresh fish lately too!

What did your work say?
I'll tell you after I tell them!  I'm hoping to wait until Jordyn's 1st birthday...we'll see about that! :)

Okay, that's a wrap for now!  Thanks again for your support and I'll get some photos posted soon! :)


  1. AWE!! I am so happy for you! Your little family is growing and that right there is a big blessing. I hope for safety for you and babyH2 throughout the pregnancy!

  2. Soo exciting!!! So happy you are feeling well!!!

  3. Yay!!! Love the picture and I would totally do the same thing!!! So cute! A little pee doesn't hurt anyone =)

  4. April 25th!! Bo was due April 27th but didn't come until May 3rd! :) yay i'm so happy for your family!

  5. Thanks for the updates :) The way you told your husband was great!!!


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