Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Extra snuggles for my baby girl

Jordyn has had a temp [99-100] for a couple of days. Yesterday she woke with a temp of 101, but it always went down with Tylenol, so we figured it was just teeth.  She also hasn’t eaten well since this weekend, but again we assumed it was related to her teeth.  About 1am this morning she woke with a temp up 102.9 and it wouldn’t go down [past 100] with Tylenol. I called Mercy Nurse to see if it was safe to let her fall back asleep [since she was tired]. She said yes, but to get her checked out today. She was up crying on and off from 1:30a-8:30a.  [This is only the 2nd time in 10 months she has been up through the night--except as a newborn of course]

At 9:15 this morning we went to the doctor, he [not our ped, but another ped.] checked her ears and said they looked fine. He saw what he thought could be one little white spot [puss pocket] on her tonsil and thought it could possibly be a viral infection since they are so common in the summer. But he said it wasn’t bad so he wasn’t 100% convinced that was it. He said it could also be a urine infection since it’s common in girls, but to test for that he would need to place a catheter.  He left the decision up to me.

Since a long weekend is coming up and he wasn’t confident it was just a viral infection, I had him test her. Can we say holy traumatizing holding your 10 month old daughter, feeling her clench while they insert a catheter!  :(  The quick test came back negative, signing no infection, but they'll send it out for a 2 day test too.  He didn’t give her an antibiotic, but we need to check back Friday.

Right now we’re running Tylenol every 4 hours, half strength formula, pushing Pedialyte, only fruits in water, no veggies/carbs, no whole milk.


I took her to daycare after the appointment. Miss Courtney gave her a bath and she fell right asleep in her arms. We are so thankful for our kind, loving sitter that treats J like one of her own.  Days like today make me especially thankful for an in-home provider [& friend!]

Hopefully this will pass soon...until then it's lots of extra cuddles with my baby girl

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