Monday, July 23, 2012

Jordyn Lynn [9 months + photos]

We'll Baby're 3/4 of a year old!! 

You're crawling everywhere now!  [This photoshoot was the most challenging yet!]  You love to 'talk' and you babble back and forth with people.  Your giggling is my favorite thing!  You say da-da nonstop!  Mama is a rare treat from your mouth.  Baths are still your favorite; you splash and play around. amd lately like to pull yourself up to the edge so you can stand and look out [& then fall down].  Your musical toys are your favorite, but you love books, too!

We had your nine month check up, luckily no shots this time, just a finger poke.
We found of you have your 1st ear infection when we took you to your 9month well check.  :(  You are 19lbs 2oz [64%] and 27 3/4" [51%] now.  You moved to 9 month onsies and 9 month clothes for the most part.  Your pajamas are 9-12 months. You wear size 2 or size three diapers depending on the brand.  You still have four teeth, two on the top and two on the bottom.

You typically eat a fruit for breakfast, a couple of veggies for lunch, and a few veggies and yogurt for dinner.  Yogurt was a new addition this month and you LOVE it!  You would eat greek yogurt all day if I let you! 
Your schedule feeding schedule is becoming much more relaxed!  You take a bottle when you first wake up, breafast around 9a, morning nap about 10a, lunch around noon, followed by a bottle and nap.  After your nap you drink a partial bottle, dinner between 5 and 6p and the rest of your bottle before bed.  You don't care much for sippy cups or water yet.  We have decided to work on that when you get closer to a year. 
Love you to the moon & back baby girl,
Mama and Daddy

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  1. Could she get any cuter! Look at those eyes! Great photos, she is looking so much older!!


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