Thursday, June 28, 2012

Speaking Of [life]

Work is crazy this month.  We're ending one group of students and starting next years students.  Pure craziness!

Speaking of craziness... my kid is eight months old did that happen?  Her 8 month update is up.  If you can't tell, she wasn't really feeling the photos.  She would much rather have been scooting, rolling or army crawling!  :) 

Speaking of photos...I'll be posting an adorable photo session of our sitter's kids soon.  For an early preview, go here.

Speaking of photography...I'm starting to get nervous for the two weddings I have this September!!  Excited nervous, but still nervous!

Speaking of excited...Alicia [Auntie Isha] comes home tomorrow...yay!  We missed her so much!  So glad she got to spend a little time in the sun.  The storms in Florida really messed up her beach time! :(

Speaking of bad weather...yikes...the fires in Colorado are no joke!  ['s been 103* here!  The next 5 days are 90's.  ]

Speaking of Colorado... we are in the process of booking a trip there between Christmas and New Year's.  Skiing, shopping, sitting by the fireplace, out with friends for NYE...YES please!! :)

Speaking of vacationing...I started a cute little travel journal for Jordyn.  I'll post about it Monday!

Speaking of Monday...Yay for a 3 day week next week.  And for a 3 day weekend this weekend.  Adam is off tomorrow, so we get to go to the lakehouse tonight...can't wait!!!  We have lots to do to prep for our 2nd Annual Lake House Party!!  

Speaking of lake house...can you believe Saturday marks the ONE YEAR date since we purchased it?! 

I'll be back with photos from the party and weekend soon...have a great weekend!

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