Monday, April 23, 2012

Jordyn Lynn [6 months + photos]

Happy 1/2 Birthday Tootsie!!! 
You're growing up big girl!  Your 2 teeth are really through now and you're rolling over all of the time!  Which means that you've also started sleeping on your tummy.  Daddy tried flipping you back to your back several times, but you're pretty persistent that you're going to be a tummy sleeper.  It's totally okay since your little bum sticks up all cute!
You have so must personality right now. You've been giggling lately and you love jumping in Gram's jumper. You're a crazy girl! When you get tired you start to rub your eyes now, it's the cutest thing ever!

We celebrated your 1st Easter this month. We went to Papa and Grams for a night and then the lakehouse for another night and church. Sadly, this was the first church service your daddy joined us as and you decided to give us a run for our money! Mommy sat in the back for most of the service trying to get daddy's attention that you were poopy without wafting a stick bomb through the entire church! :) Good were adorable in your little coral dress!

At your appointment you got 2 pokes and 1 oral vaccination. You are 16lbs 11oz [58%] and 25 3/4" [38%]. You wear 6 month clothing and size 2 diapers this month. It's been warm so we were able to break out all of your summer clothes...adorable squishy baby arms!! :)

You really are growing up, you cut out your 4am bottle this month [which is great on the weekends, but breaks mamas heart on days I go to work!] You only take a night nap a couple of nights a week now. We also introduced cereal this week. You aren't a huge fan, so we plan to transition you to veggies instead. Just another sign that you aren't my little 7 pounder anymore! BUT...we're thrilled that you're growing so well and that you're a happy and healthy [BEAUTIFUL!] little girl! So your schedule is more 8a [bottle], 10a [nap], 12p [bottle], 2p [nap], 4p [bottle], 6p [cereal], and 8p [bottle].

Love you to the moon & back baby girl,
Mama and Daddy


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  1. Oh my stars. She is adorable and you take such GREAT photos of her! wow.


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