Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Life Update

Wondering where I've been?  Oh yanno...just living life!

...Jordyn turned 6 months...I need to edit her photos so I can post her 6 month update
...We have run out of deer meat for Murdock.  He has eaten 3 entire deer and we don't know where to get any [we've tapped all of our friends/family already].  Since you cannot buy this at the grocery store we have no choice but to switch him back to 'regular' dog food.  Lets pray this sickness was not due to a food allergy.  Otherwise the thousandS of dollars we spent was a total waste! :(
...My baby sister has finals this week and then she has just ONE more semester of classes!!! :)  Her boyfriend, Bradley GRADUATES Sunday!!  Whoop Whoop.  Dental school here he comes!


...The bathroom has been mudded, tapped and textured.  Last weekend my mom and I painted it.  Can't wait to finish it up and show you photos, but the flooring is on backorder for another month! :(
...We have spent the last 2 weekends there and will be back next weekend.  It's starting to be more fun and less work, so that's exciting.  My dad, father in law, and hubby actually caught a bunch of fish last weekend, so we'll be having a fish fry soon! :)

...in one word...BOOMING!  I'm SO blessed!  In one month I've had/will have 1 maternity, 2 family, 1 engagement, 1 quensenara, and 2 baby shoots!

...I also started a Facebook Page for my side business.  I try to post sneaks, specials and photography deals from the internet [Shutterfly, Canvas People, Groupon, etc.].  I would LOVE for you to join me! :)
...Soon [very soon] I hope to get a photography website together! :)


...Work is ca-raz-y...end of story! :( 
...We're preparing for 15 days of vacations this month...whoop whoop!
...It's May Day!  I understand a lot of people no longer celebrate this holiday, but for a small town girl it's a BIG deal!  You better believe we I made May Day baskets for Jordyn to take to daycare and a couple of her local friends! :)

I know there are a thousand other things going on right now, I just can't write them all down.  Like Jordyn's eating baby food, we have been invited to 7 graduation parties this year, we need to buy a new car, I'm thinking of registering for a race this summer, my future brother in law turns 21 tomorrow...the list goes on. 

But instead...I'll leave you with this! :)


  1. She is BEAUTIFUL!!! But I am sure you already knew that ;o)

  2. Can't get over how cute she is!!!! Yay for being 6 months! I can imagine that it is going by so quickly for you!

  3. Wow you have SO MUCH going on! How exciting :)


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