Monday, March 5, 2012

Train of Thought

Apparently you guys liked my [train of thought] post, so here it is again!  Five minutes of blabbing...[Jordyn Lynn's 4 Month] post is finally finished.  She's getting so big & so active...watching her personality bloom is just breathtaking!  She did soo good at the lakehouse for our cousin's gettogether [thankfully, we had heat this time!]...proud mama!  :)  Speaking of up [operation Bathroom!]  Also this weekend, we celebrated [our Godson's] 1st Birhday!  I get to take is 1 YEAR [holy crap!] photos this weekend, along with their family photos, & another [large] photoshoot for my cousin's family.  So stinkin' excited about all the [photoshoots] going on!!  :)  Unfortunately, with all of this fun the house is in rough shape.  Although it's not [the dishes this time], it looks like a [laundry bomb] went off again!  And this week?  No time for laundry... it's going to be busy!  Lots of fun things ahead...dinners [3] with friends, awesome weather [yes, it snowed this weekend and the forcast for tomorrow shows 68*...only in Iowa!], an overnighter with J's Aunt before she leaves for [another awesome trip], & [3] photoshoots!  Can't wait!! 

PS...Have I acutally been blogging [somewhat] consistantly again?!  :) 

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