Thursday, February 23, 2012

Jordyn Lynn [4 Months]

You're 4 months baby girl!!


You are getting so big!  You love to sit in your bumbo and jump in your excercauser/jumper thing.  You're also grasping things now, you love to hold fingers, bottles [with help], arms, and even neck skin!  No sign of rolling over yet, and you aren't a huge fan of tummy time.  You love to smile [especially for daddy]!  It melts everyone's heart!! :)

You eat still eat at 4, 8, 12, 4, & 8, but you're eating 6-8oz. of formula now.  Unfortunately, you're spitting up more again.  You are 25 in. tall [66%] and weigh 14 pounds 9 ounces [53%] now.  You still wear 0-3 month clothing, but you'll be transitioning into 6 month clothes soon.  No more sleep sacks for you, you're wearing real jammies now!  We bumped you to size 1-2 diapers.  Sadly, you got your first diaper rash this month.


You're sticking to a schedule more now that ever.  You usually wake between 7:30-8am and take a morning nap from 9-10/11.  After your noon bottle you usually sleep from 1-3pm and after your 4pm bottle you take a little 30-60 minute nap around 5ish.  You go down for the night after your 8pm bottle.

Other firsts this month include getting your toes painted [at your first trip to IA City for an overnighter], your first snow storm, your first ski trip [to Uncle Rick's Ski Resort in Boone], your first Valentine's Day, and unfortunately your first bump [after Murdock dropped his bone on your head!]

It's crazy how fast and awesome the past four months have been. Thank you for exploding our love baby girl!

Love you to the moon & back,
Mama and Daddy

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  1. Really, really nice post. I'm glad she's doing so well. I LOVE the photos on the calendar. Great idea.


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