Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It Was A Pinterest Party!!

This past weekend I hosted a Pinterest Party!  So much fun!  [even though I slacked in the photo department]  Here are a couple of projects I worked on.  We've decided to have another one when the weather is nice so we don't have to tromp out to the snow and back in every 10 minutes! :)  Also, our next party will involve more music [with a working iHome], open windows, & more food/drinks!! :)  Oh, and also more projects too!!
Dipped in Chalkboard Paint to write names on

Will be adding our house numbers before I hang them on my new collage wall!

Growth Chart for Miss J! :)

Pillows for the couch [@ the lake house obviously!]

Some of the mess fun

Painted on the Ore...after I got done my husband kindly told me he like it better plain, thanks babe! :)

A couple of frames for J's room, and a crate to keep the toys in at the lake house!

A little bench for the lake house.

Other mentionables this weekend...

...I fell [hard] on our deck at the lakehouse
...We celebrated my MILs birthday
...The 3 amigos guys made said dinner... I'll post the awesome recipe soon!
...We watched Couragous
...Jordyn slept through another church service [girl is 3 for 3, sleeping though church...I think she likes the music!]


  1. Love them all!!! What a great idea to have a "pinterest" party!!!

  2. WHAT a fun party!! Looks like ya'll made some great stuff :-D Love the Lake Home pillows and the oar!!

  3. All your stuff turned out great! I love your bench and the wine glass are such a good idea!!! I hope you all had fun and sorry I couldn't make it! Talk soon!

  4. I love them all!! You picked some great things!

  5. I love the idea of a pinterest party! Those wine glasses look cool


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