Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Letter to My Husband [2nd Anniversary]

Happy 2nd Anniversary 25 Months.  Unlike last year I'll keep this post short and simple.  I'm obviously a month behind...I'm pretty sure that is the new flow of life for us.  I started a letter to you just before our 2nd Anniversary, but God threw us a little curve ball the day of, therefore delaying this post.

I cannot believe we've been married TWO years.  Most of the time, I feel like we're still dating.  It's weird to think I've known you almost 5 years.  I love that you were my best friend before we started dating...I can honestly say you're still my very best friend.  I have no idea what I would do without you.  You have the biggest heart and your goal is to make everyone happy always.  You remind me that we've already rented the movie I'm about to rent again, you know exactly what I need when I've had 'a day,' and you support me no matter how crazy my ideas are [even when I want to crackle paint the lakehouse & take doors off the cupboards].  I still getting butterflies thinking about you and the way handle Jordyn sends chills through my body.  God blessed us with the most perfect, precious baby girl exactly two years to the day we officially gave ourselves to each other...we could not have received a better gift. 

I love you more than I thought possible.  Our life just keeps getting better & I cannot wait to see where we go from here.  Thank you for the amazing chocolates, wonderful dinner downtown, and making me a mama!

I Love You!

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